Work, Work-Out Station

Work, Work-Out Station Home Fitness Equipment, Dimensions variable (2022).
Platform Assembly 2, Software (2022).
Working/(Out), Brochure, 21cmx29cm (2022).


Work, Work-Out Station (2022) is a home-office and gym furnishing assembled through precarious arrangements of home fitness equipment, pursuing a circularity of material use. It is complimented by a satirical brochure, and gamified design software which forces you to build precariously. Today, working and working-out have collided with the home, enabled by software's insistence on reprogramming our use of space on-the-fly. 

Photographs courtesy of Fake/Authentic and Model+.

"Mistakes", Curated by Fake Authentic, ASSAB ONE Gallery, Milan (2022).

MODEL+ Festival, Barcelona (2023).


Limited editions of “Working/(Out)” at:
  • Hochparterre Bucher , Zurich.
  • ProQM, Berlin.
  • VOLUME, Paris.
  • Yve YANG Gallery, New York.




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Updated August 2023