Where Everywhere is Here

Where Everywhere Is Here 4 Channel Video, 2 min. (2022).

Where Everywhere Is Here 1 Channel Video, 2 min. (2024).

Single Channel Edit, 2 min. 50 sec. (2023)

Where Everywhere is Here (2022) is a collection of video loops that examines the smudging of home with everywhere else. Remoteness and asynchronicity bring work, fitness, dining, and communing back into the home, but at a distance; our ways of sharing space and time with others have changed. Vignettes of environments and characters contend with the collapse of home and beyond, peppered by useful domestic sculptures that mashup homewares with technified devices to make ad-hoc spatial responses to our unintended signalized gatherings. 

Photographs courtesy of Yve YANG Gallery and Sebastian Lendenmann. 

"YY OS: Gold Canopy", YveYANG Gallery (2022). 

"How to Move", Lohcal Host: Zürich (2024). 



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Updated August 2023