Sandcastle #10, UV Print on Silicon Wafer, 200mm (2023).

Sandcastle #3, UV Print on Silicon Wafer, 200mm (2023).

Sandcastles (2023, in development) are a series of UV prints on Silicon Wafers depicting symmetrical recombinations of buildings by Le Corbusier found in Zürich and Cambridge (USA). 

Le Corbusier is seen as emblematic amongst his peers who deployed a brand of visionary genius to modernize the world through concrete and glass (each made from sand). His urban and architectural visions were eventually exported as an international style, depositing icons globally as a stamp across a range of cultures. Silicon wafers are a semiconducting material used in the microchip manufacturing process. Made from sand, they are the subject of current day geopolitical tensions, extreme  economic investment, and outstanding technical achievement. We Interact with these microchips thousands of times a day while they operate at the nanometer scale, yet distributing their results globally. 


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Updated August 2023