(b. 1989, Muscat, Oman) is an itinerant artist and architectural designer based in Zürich. His work considers the interrelationships between the built environment and the contemporary media that shapes and shares it. He uses a range of media, often combining custom software with constructed artifacts. Sam holds a Master of Architecture from MIT and is currently an Assistant in the Chair of Rosa Barba at the ETH Zürich

Sam’s solo show “🏛🔀,” was exhibited in New York with Yve YANG Gallery, where he is represented. He has also exhibited with Postmasters Gallery, A83, SPRING/BREAK, ZKM at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, ASSAB One in Milan,  MODEL Festival in Barcelona, and OōEli Art Park in Hangzhou. 

He is, additionally, a co-founder of FOREIGN OBJECTS, a multidisciplinary design and research studio. They have won the Mozilla Creative Media Award, NEW INC Residency, and the Bard Digital Artist in Residency. They have presented work with the Internet Archive, New Museum, Open City Doc in London, and worked on projects for Shannon Mattern, and Rhizome.
Sam has taught at Cornell, University of Toronto, MIT and ETH and his work has been published in Thresholds Journal, PLAT Journal, and Trans Magazin.

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Representation: Yve YANG Gallery