Architecture  After the Internet

Archmixes Orbital Video, 4 min. 19 sec. (2016/2017).

whatever Workstation Construction and Home Fitness Materials, Dimensions variable, 2020.whatever Workstation Construction and Home Fitness Materials, Dimensions variable, 2020.
Ello and Pinterest Posts (2016).

20 x Color 3D prints, longest dimension 6” (2016).

PJAGlasgowStirling_sand.stl Sand Print with Furan Binder, 23”x17”x14” (2017).
ArchmixesFieldDuvet.jpg, Duvet, King Size (2017).

OMAmamaAir.stp, Nylon Inflatable with Active Air Pressure, 5’2”x5’x5’ (2017).

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Twitter Bot (2016/2017).
Tweets (2016/2017).

Architecture After the Internet (2017) reuses the weight of modernist starchitecture by imagining faulty mashups and translations of these supposedly untouchable objects into everyday artifacts in the home. The provocation responds to an uncertain moment when the images and media that architecture emits Online is experienced more readily than as spaces themselves. 

The protagonist, the @archmixes Twitter bot, prompts visitors to Tweet and archmixes as images Tweeted back at them. The sources are found 3D models Online. Several events were hosted that asked audiences to become actors in the making of new archmixes.

Technical Assistance from Kalli Retzepi, Austin Wade Smith, Anran Li, Calvin Zhong, Wenfei Xu.

Production assistance from Liz Galvez, Ryan McLaughlin,  Xulio Binjaku, Alex Kobald, Jason Minor.

Performances from Aaron Powers, Joey Swerdlin, Marlena Fauer, Jason Minor, Olivia Huang, Alaa Quraishi.
Installation Assistance from Grisha Enikolopov, Anran Li.

Photographs courtesy of Yve YANG Gallery and Ines Ariza. 

"Every Day is a New Day" at OōEli Park, Hangzhou, (2021).

“Times Square”, Yve YANG Gallery (2018).

Shanghai Westbund  Art Show (2017).

“🏛🔀” Yve YANG Gallery (2017). (Solo)

“Some Evidence of Real Alternatives”, MIT Keller Gallery (2017).

“Becoming Posthuman”, Cambridge, MA(2017).


"Architecture and Action" (2019).

Thresholds Journal: Scatter (2018).

PLAT Journal: Sharing (2018).



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